"Yakyn Dost" ES, is a member of the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. To date, we own a factory for the production of canned fruits and vegetables under the trademark "Garaja". In this constantly developing industry, we are keeping the continuous improvement of our technology. Even it is our first year in the sector of environmentally friendly foodstuffs, we managed to win the hearts of consumers. The main direction of this is the production of vegetable marinated salads and pickles from organic vegetables and fruits grown on the fields without the use of chemicals. With the goal of providing each family with environmentally friendly products, we are constantly expanding the range.

Today on the shelves of stores there is a variety of goods from our brand of "Garaja":

• Fresh compotes
• Marinades
• Juices

• Jams

We have balanced the assortment in accordance with the preferences of our customers, we develop and implement an automated quality control system at all stages of the production. However, our prices as a wholesale company remain below the market. We constantly develop and conduct interesting actions and reduce prices for goods that are in high demand. This allows our customers to purchase quality goods on favorable terms. High-quality raw materials and advanced technologies allow us to produce high-quality products on the market at prices that are acceptable to consumers.